Designed and made in Sweden, Edsbyn offers furniture for the working environment. Where form meets function, tradition meets quality, and price is always a consideration, the Edsbyn offerings excel. Seating, screens, storage, sofas, cubicles worthy of living in, and customized furniture and environments. The Edsbyn lines interact with each other, allowing designers to customize the environment and tailor the furniture to the needs of the end-user. Customization beyond this, making seats wider and deeper, changing the height of a sofa, or altering a table top shape is all achievable. Edsbyn has been in production in Sweden since 1899 and offers a Nordic clean, modern look.


Garsnas (“YARSHnis”) is a family owned company, started next to the timbers it derives it materials from in Southern Sweden. They make furniture for people, for hotels, for dining rooms, for moments for yourself. Not for cost efficiency or art, since 1893, Garsnas has been following the same philosophy of making furniture… for people. Each piece must be beautiful to look at, lovely to sit in, and durable enough to use.


At Mitab we love what we do. We develop products with the intention to create freedom and ease for our users to focus their energy on their passion. We believe that passion creates great things. We help our users to create great things. In close collaboration with emerging and established designers we create furniture for pause and interaction. At Mitab, we don’t hide anything. We believe that honesty lasts. By using clear, graphic design, and revealing its construction, the functionality of our furniture becomes intuitive.


Since 1993, Meltdown Glass has specialized in creating site-specific art and architectural glass installations to enhance the look and feel of interior and exterior spaces. Kiln-fired glass is a versatile medium, lending itself to a nearly unlimited amount of uses and applications. Some applications include specialty curtain wall or storefront systems, transom glass, partition dividers, signage, elevator vestibules, conference room tables, water walls, glass shelving, wayfinding, feature lobby installations and sculptures. Meltdown has been commissioned to create glass for restaurants, hotels, corporate and work environments, casinos and cruise ships.


Scott Brogan Group: wood veneer and laminated glass products. Wood veneer is the quintessential building block of the SBG offerings and .processes. Brogan Wood Products has a myriad of sources for wood veneers: Traditional Natural, Engineered (Reconstituted), Dyed Natural, Textured and even End-Grain Veneers. SBG also offers laminated glass with decorative interlayers: wood veneer, fabric, metal mesh, custom images, films, specialty paper, metal, etc.


Bella Laminati (Beautiful Laminates) is an innovative and original range of high-pressure laminates following the latest trends in Italian design, inspired by natures beauty. The Bella Laminati collection currently consists of nearly 200 different high-pressure laminates consisting of vibrant solid colors, sophisticated woodgrains, pearlescents, metallic and mesmerizing abstracts. We offer dozens of different textures ranging from our highly durable veneer finish to ultra-high gloss.


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