Suzy O'Leary Vrakas

DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION EXPERIENCE: Suzy began designing and managing exterior building systems, primarily rainscreens, curtainwall and interior panel and glazing projects in 2008. She gained valuable experience creating 3D models of projects, working out system details with the architectural design team, setting project schedules with GCs, working with engineers to meet codes required by project specifications, managing the purchase and fabrication of a wide variety of exterior and interior materials and working with the installation team to build the project as intended. Suzy gained an appreciation for the technical details and practical application involved in carrying a project from inception through completion.

INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE: With a network of contacts in fabrication, installation, architecture and interior design, Suzy considers those she works with valuable teachers and friends. She has previously worked to promote exterior cladding systems, insulation, electrochromic glass and interior laminated specialty glass to the New England market. Now, working as an independent rep and a wholesaler of architectural products for the design/build community, she hopes to deliver high quality products and service to her customers throughout New England.