ALUR Wall is a triumph of light transmission, visual and acoustical privacy. Stunning to behold, ALUR’s minimalist design is sleek in appearance yet exceptionally strong. The innovative nib wall design provides an elegant transition between front and sidewall, and maximizes light transference into the office. ALUR also offers DUO, a double glazed system with an innovative double glazed sliding pocket door.


Prismatique is a privately owned Canadian contract furniture manufacturer with an international reputation for precise engineering and office table specialization. Prismatique offers choices – not compromises. We offer extensive versatility in finish options, ranging from painted back glass to stone to veneer and laminate. This flexibility enables the designer to “Customize with Confidence” and partner with us to create unique table solutions at less than custom prices. It’s not just about what we do. It’s about how we do it. All manufacturing is conducted in two adjacent plants located at our corporate HQ in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 


Since 1993, Meltdown Glass has specialized in creating site-specific art and architectural glass installations to enhance the look and feel of interior and exterior spaces. Kiln-fired glass is a versatile medium, lending itself to a nearly unlimited amount of uses and applications. Some applications include specialty curtain wall or storefront systems, transom glass, partition dividers, signage, elevator vestibules, conference room tables, water walls, glass shelving, wayfinding, feature lobby installations and sculptures. Meltdown has been commissioned to create glass for restaurants, hotels, corporate and work environments, casinos and cruise ships.


Garsnas (“YARSHnis”) is a family owned company, started next to the timbers it derives it materials from in Southern Sweden. They make furniture for people, for hotels, for dining rooms, for moments for yourself. Not for cost efficiency or art, since 1893, Garsnas has been following the same philosophy of making furniture… for people. Each piece must be beautiful to look at, lovely to sit in, and durable enough to use.


At Mitab we love what we do. We develop products with the intention to create freedom and ease for our users to focus their energy on their passion. We believe that passion creates great things. We help our users to create great things. In close collaboration with emerging and established designers we create furniture for pause and interaction. At Mitab, we don’t hide anything. We believe that honesty lasts. By using clear, graphic design, and revealing its construction, the functionality of our furniture becomes intuitive.


Getama is the very epitome of something authentically Danish. It is probably the most shining example imaginable of Danish Design. The excellent craftsmanship, the fine quality and the superior level of service had made Getama renowned and respected throughout Denmark from its inception in 1899. It was its working relationship with Hans Wegner, the furniture architect, that helped Getama make its international breakthrough. After more than a century, Getama’s ambition is still to create innovative architect-designed furniture for the retail and contract markets.